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The GiftCards4Change vision is "Transforming people's lives and their communities through charitable donations. We believe in collective impact and that the smallest acts of altruism can yeild the largest and most sustainable results.

GiftCards4Change lets registered user's issue "Charity Challenges" similar to crowdfunding.  You issue the worthwhile challenge, and donors fund your projects with their old gift cards... simple as that 

GiftCards4Change is always looking for bigger voices and deeper pockets to effect change in peoples lives.  If you are a company that wants to be involved please email us on our contact page.  We would love to hear from you


Join the GiftCards4Change Ambassador Program at your local School, College, or University. Click here to join our cause

We love people and would love to work with you.  Today our biggest need is to spread awareness in local communities across the nation.  We also need community leaders and organizers to join our site and issue Challenges...

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