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If you wish to mail your gift cards to Gift Cards 4 Change, Inc.  Please send your cards to the address listed below.  Please don't forget to send us your name, email address, and phone number so that we can send you a  receipt for your tax deductible contribution.  Please remember to identify that your gift cards are being designated to The Family Place.

Gift Cards 4 Change, Inc. 
101-C North Greenville Ave. #433
Allen, TX. 75002

GiftCards4Change & Their Day Foundation are on site in Rockport Texas to help provide essential products and services.  Our thoughts, prayers, and full commitment go out to all the victims of this devastating storm.  We are currently providing relief products & services in both Corpus Christi and Dallas areas.  Please help us by donating anything you can.  The needs are immense and nothing will go to waste.  We commit that 100% of all donations will go directly towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.


Thank you

Andrew Ydoyaga



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Suite #433 Allen, TX. 75002

GiftCards4Change, Inc. is nonprofit organization headquartered in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to collect remaining balance gift cards to help improve the lives of people and communities in need. We focus our mission on the enhancement  of charitable giving  for those adversely affected by poverty, human trafficking, hunger, homelessness, disability, and other humanitarian need based initiatives.  Your generous donations are 100% tax deductible, and we respectfully ask you to consider donating your leftover gift cards to our mission.