learn more about our MERCHANT Program

If you are an organization that distributes gift cards in the retail market, we would love the opportunity to work with you.  One of our greatest challenges in collecting donated gift cards, and changing the world is how we aggregate and liquidate donations to create maximum value and impact.


Many of our exchange liquidation processes can diminish up to 10% of the value of a gift card in fees, and we are committed to cover those expenses, but we could use your help. GiftCards4Change believes that a direct relationship with gift card merchant organizations is the best way to maximize value for everyone.  You help us to liquidate and combine gift cards and everyone wins.


As a partner, you are able to reduce the administrative burden of dealing with low remaining balance gift cards, and simultaneously you help your local community. That small balance will increase your exposure in communities and their charitable causes across the USA, which in turn enhances your brand identity, loyalty, and local community patronage.


When you work with us as a merchant partner GiftCards4Change distributes charitable funds, and all the donations are made in partnership, specifically honoring each and every merchant partner that was involved.


To be a merchant partner GiftCards4Change asks that your organization participate in one or more of the following ways:

  1. As a merchant partner you help us combine and liquidate donated gift cards without charging fees, or are willing to liquidate remaining gift card values for a minimal fee?

  2. As a merchant partner you consider donor matching to causes and communities that align with your particular interests?

  3. As a merchant partner you consider supporting marketing initiatives in order to help GiftCards4Change increase awareness about donating remaining balance gift cards?

  4. As a merchant partner you consider allowing donation boxes to be placed in your retail establishments?

That’s all there is to it.  Most retailers in today's competitive market offer between 20 to 50% off purchases to create strong brand awareness and loyalty. Every day these methods are used but they lack in comparison to creating brand loyalty that aligns with cause-based community marketing.


Every year the retail customer demands more from their purchase experience and customers tend to be most loyal to companies that align with their interests, in their communities.  So, please consider partnering with GiftCards4Change. If it serves no other purpose, it will have helped you clear those low gift card balances off your books, and create new media and brand loyalty opportunities for your organization. 


Donate A Gift Card to Charity

We love people and would love to have the opportunity to work with you.  Today, one of our greatest challenges is to help spread the word about gift cards being used for charitable purposes across the nation.  Will you work with us by helping to liquidate remaining balance gift cards?  Show your interest today by taking the pledge to support us in putting that undervalued card to work for the underserved.