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GiftCards4Change STUDENT Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador program offers many long-term benefits to our members which include service learning, team building, and connections to numerous volunteer organizations that support your local community. 


What we look for:


  • Be Service Minded

  • Spread Awareness

  • Use Your Talents to benefit others and effect change.

  • Collect Gift Cards for causes in your local community.


This Ambassador program offers leadership opportunities where individuals can coordinate with student clubs within academic institutions, service learning or volunteer areas, or other community sponsored initiatives, and seek opportunities to raise funds for charitable organizations within the community, or in support of programs related to education initiatives within the academic institution that directly benefit the underserved.


Student Ambassadors are highly regarded and considered prestigious opportunities that can be listed on resumes, and show an individual's leadership, management, and social responsibility experience. Other advantages include the opportunity to network with other ambassadors and leaders of organizations nationwide, foster personal and professional relationships, and support charitable organizations and communities.  


Benefits of becoming an Ambassador include:


  • Your efforts go directly towards supporting local causes that you are passionate about.

  • Share ideas with Like-Minded Individuals

  • Developing YOUR Leadership Skills

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Technology benefits: Creation of Your Causes Web Page

  • Numerous discount Programs: Including Reduced Cell Phone Expenses 


So, how do you get involved?


Please complete the request form below, and we will contact you with a decision within 5 business days.


Thank you

Dr. Shannon Ydoyaga

Co-Founder & Director of Education Programs

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