Gift Card guitar picks is a wonderful example of how we re-purpose your donated gift cards.  You can purchase 1 dozen picks for $5.00, and the money goes directly to our charitable recycle program which is committed to reducing the harmful effects of plastics polluting the earth.  Your $5 purchase today will ensure that over 100 gift cards will not create an adverse impact to our environment.

Gift Card Guitar Picks

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    GiftCards4Change, Inc. is nonprofit organization headquartered in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to collect remaining balance gift cards to help improve the lives of people and communities in need. We focus our mission on the enhancement  of charitable giving  for those adversely affected by poverty, human trafficking, hunger, homelessness, disability, and other humanitarian need based initiatives.  Your generous donations are 100% tax deductible, and we respectfully ask you to consider donating your leftover gift cards to our mission.