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Gift Cards have the power to transform lives

GiftCards4Change uses the power of gift cards to expand charitable giving resources and to transform lives.  Our innovative model focuses on the (one billion dollar per year) gift card market and delivering that money directly to the people, and projects that have the greatest community impact. We are fully committed to generating awareness as to how people value their remaining balance gift cards and share our experiences of how those small amounts can add up to have a large impact.


We have a singularly focused approach as an organization: “We utilize what is commonly under-valued to impact the under-served”. When you donate your remaining balance gift card to GiftCards4Change the resources that you have enabled are strategically aimed to help feed and clothe children in need, provide shelter and assistance programs to the homeless, help domestic violence victims find safe environments, enhance programs and services to those with disabilities, and provide medication aide to the elderly.


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Cryptocurrency donations are a powerful resource for efficient community giving and help us logistically address societal inequities.

GiftCards4Change believes that gift cards represent a unique and ambitious way of giving, and we are committed to expanding on our existing model “utilizing what is commonly under-valued to impact the lives of the under-served”.  As an organization, we are constantly in search of new opportunities to expand charitable giving and new ways to create impact for those in need. In recognition of new market opportunities, we have recently started taking donations of various types of cryptocurrencies.  GiftCards4Change recognizes that a decentralized global market of blockchain based currencies is a powerful resource for efficient community giving and to logistically address societal inequities.

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