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We are developing a crowdfunding
platform for gift cards 

we are working hard for change wants every community and charitable organization to feel the impact gift cards can have on their capacity for fund raising.  Over the next 4 months,  we will be launching a new charity fundraising platform, designed specifically for gift cards, volunteerism, and micro giving. 


At GiftCards4Change, we believe the gift card represents a unique and ambitious way of giving, and we are committed to the meaningful expansion of charitable giving by monetizing on the 1 billion dollar a year opportunity that remaining gift card balances represent.   


Our objective is simple. We enhance charitable giving by focusing on gift cards for all nonprofits, humanitarian causes, and community need programs.  Come work with us today, following minor conversion expenses, 100% of every donation we collect is used to transform lives in local communities.  Helping others is as easy as creating a charitable fundraiser in your local community.  Don’t just be a spectator of kindness and beauty.  Be the reason for it.

Although our platform is still being developed... we invite you to come take a look around.  Also, don't be afraid to drop us a line about a feature you would like to see.  After all, it is a platform powered by you, and at GiftCards4Change your cause is our cause.

Donate a gift card |

Do you need help creating a gift card fundraiser?  Please contact us today.

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