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Donate a Gift Card | Save a Life

Hello Everyone,

My name is Andrew and I am the founder of

and I have just one question for you.

Do you have a gift card someplace in your house with a small remaining balance?

You may be thinking… yeah, it’s in my overstuffed wallet, or at the bottom of my purse, or in a junk drawer in my kitchen or home office.

You know that card you wrote off as useless but did not have the heart to throw it away because its money…. Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about.

Well at GiftCards4Change you are exactly the person we are looking for.

Actually we built an entire nonprofit organization to help people in need, and we do it with what’s in your junk drawer.

So, let me ask you…

You’re a good person… right?

Of course you are… you go to school, you go to work, you pay your taxes, you care about people, you care about causes, and you might even donate your time and money to charity… but you still have a feeling deep down that you could be doing a little more… but you’re just not sure of the what, how, or why. Oh, and it needs to fit in with your schedule because the demands in your life are pretty constant.

Fair enough…

So, at GiftCards4Change our charity model is simple… you go online, you find a charitable challenge in your local community that means something to you… and you donate your old gift card to that particular need. It’s that easy…

You see, I’m not asking for you to quit your job, leave your family, join a movement, jump on a train, plane, car, boat, moped, bike, scooter, or donkey to fight the power. I’m not asking for you to move to a foreign country, join an indigenous tribe, marry the tribal princess, become the general, put on the war paint and fight for a future nation. I’m not even asking for you to leave your house.

What I am asking for is your remaining low balance gift cards and a moment of your time to talk about value and why we focus on gift cards.

So most people have low remaining balance gift cards, and research show us that there is more than a billion dollars per year that is left unspent on those cards. And we constantly ask ourselves… why is this not a thing people are aware of?

Why is 5 dollars remaining on a gift card from Macy's somehow worth less to us than the 5 dollars in cash we have in our pocket?

We think it’s because we tend to value… even overvalue things we think we understand and undervalue the unknown or the things we are not sure of. Another reason we undervalue a gift card is because we tend to be hard wired when it comes to determining value.

For example, if I give you a 5 dollar Marcy’s card… your mind starts immediately processing the value opportunity. You start thinking of all of the possible things you value in Marcy’s. What your needs or desires are… and you randomly attach the need or desire to the value that remains on the card. And when your needs and the value of the card remain unaligned you conclude that since there is nothing to purchase at Marcy’s for 5 dollars… that the card is worthless…

We want you to stop thinking that way!!!

What if I told you the 5 dollar card from Macy's is actually worth 5 dollars in cash, that’s not so hard to believe, right. But even more so, what if I told you that the 5 dollar Macy’s card could be worth more than 5 dollars. It’s true, it can be. And finally what if I could convince you that the value of that gift card was not really tied to Macy’s or any other retailer the way you believe it is?

You see that’s our entire nonprofit model. We did the research, crunched the data, and went deep down the rabbit hole when it comes to gift cards and we are here to tell you we can use your low balance gift cards to impact and change lives in your community.

When you think of that 5 dollar Marcy’s card I want you to be thinking of the opportunity. That we take that 5 dollars and we can liquidate it for cash, that we can take that 5 dollars and 100 other cards just like it and buy clothing and bedding for children in need, or in some cases we can even turn your 5 dollar card into 10 dollars when retailers decide to match the donations we have been given.

You might be thinking at this point…so who is GiftCards4Change and why should I go through the hassle of giving my gift card to them.

Well the first thing we would tell you is that we are a Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) and that every gift card you send us is a tax deductible donation for you. The second thing we would say is that you are not giving to us as much as you are giving to the needs of your local community. Oh, and dare I say that we are great organization that deeply cares about people and the human potential for change. We believe in the power of you and your cause… and that making community’s better is all about ordinary acts of kindness, and the extraordinary people who do them.

Lastly, we commit to make every effort to donate 100% of your proceeds directly to the challenge you have so kindly donated to, but in some cases we do run into the occasional transaction and liquidation fees.

So, at our core GiftCards4Change believes in a local community needs based model of charitable giving rather than a cause model. And every registered user on our site can post charitable challenges within their local community. Don’t get me wrong… donating to causes are important and I support many of them myself… but in order for us to be financially and socially responsible we understand that serving a need within a community (with precision) gives us the maximum value and impact with a low balance gift card. It is why we distinguish our brand as a local community needs based model, rather than tying ourselves to a larger cause model. Actually, our cause is really about your cause and supporting the challenges built by the users of our site. It’s also about being very specific (and precise) with your charitable donations. Let’s face it 5 dollars goes a much longer way when it is filling a specific charitable need, then the possible causes that it may be subordinate to.

So I know the last thing you want to do is go home and dig through that junk drawer to find those gift cards, or sign up for another online thing… But all those hours you spend on the internet can really add up to something great, and I promise you itt won’t take long, it’s fun, it impacts your community, its tax deductible, and it’s worth it. And who knows... You might even learn something about yourself, or the needs of the people in your own community.

So what are you waiting for, get started by donating those small gift card balances, or give us some ideas that connect us to people in need by creating a charitable challenge in your area.

Or if you’re a student and want to be a part of our Ambassador program, fill out our form and get started today by sharing our message with others.

We really need your help to impact the lives of people in need. So, please give us a shot. We would love for you to be a part of our movement.


Wont you join us...

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