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A special thanks to our amazing donors!

I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your generous gift card donation(s), and for helping to change the lives of those in need for the better. We are constantly amazed by the generosity of others, and it is people like you who keep us going. Your active role in helping improve peoples lives is our greatest source of inspiration.

You might be wondering...

What impact has your gift card donation made?

Last year your gift card donations funded some amazing projects, and here is just a brief recap of how your donations were delivered to people and communities across the USA.

​​How you invested in hunger and family safety programs:

Your gift card donations helped provide food, shelter, and safety to hundreds of children, families, veterans, elderly, and homeless people this year. The donations also helped provide lifesaving shelter to those in the most dire of circumstances. In 2017 your donations made investments to The Family Place in Dallas, TX, The Good Samaritan Rescue Mission in Corpus Christi, and provided hundreds of meals through food pantry programs across the United States.

Your investments in programs & services for the homeless:

Your gift card donations not only provided food & shelter to hundreds of homeless people this year, it also helped deliver emergency blankets, toiletries, first aid supplies, medications, and water to those most in need. Your donations also helped fund assistance programs and services to help people and families get back on their feet.

How your donations helped with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts:

GiftCards4Change has two primary locations; it operates from. With offices in Dallas, and Corpus Christi, Texas. We were in the best possible position to provide aid to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Your donations went towards many rebuilding efforts, purchasing food and water, cleaning up debris, and helping to rebuild schools that were severely damaged. We know these efforts will continue to take time and we ask for your continued support as we remain committed to rebuilding our communities. Donate to our recovery efforts here.

The impact you made on disability services & enhancing resources:

Your generous donations funded a number of programs and events this year that focused specifically on those with disabilities. One of our favorites this year was working with The Miracle League in Corpus Christi. Because of your kindness we were able to purchase food and water for their games, replenish their concession stand, as well as buy some new kitchen appliances.

GiftCards4Change is a co-founder and partner of Their Day Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to act as a social engagement accelerator by hosting community impact events every year across the USA. Our collective mission is to align with charities, professional service organizations, and local businesses to find common purpose and support some of our most consequential challenges. Their Day held its first annual event in Corpus Christi, TX on May 27th, 2017 to benefit those with disabilities. Our purpose was to expand awareness, services, resources, and community to help those with disabilities. Their Day was a tremendous success this year! We connected over 1,000 people and their families to critical disability resources, all while having fun.

At TDF we know that getting access to critical services and resources is essential to help support individuals and communities in need... But it's not what we do, it's how we do it. Their Day Foundation believes meaningful change can be made in a fun and engaging environment. So, we arrange events every year with generous sponsors, large volunteer teams, and access to much needed resources, all while promoting the local community and having fun along the way. You can learn more about Their Day Foundation here.

Their Day 2017 would not have been possible without these wonderful organizations.

We are even more committed to our mission

At GiftCards4Change, we believe the gift card represents a unique and ambitious way of giving, and we are committed to the meaningful expansion of charitable giving by monetizing on the 1+ billion dollar a year opportunity that remaining gift cards balances represent.

We have experienced the impact that remaining balance gift cards have on individuals, and communities in need. Our mission is to continue collecting what is commonly undervalued (low balance gift cards) for the under-served, and build on our efforts to change the way people value their small balance gift cards.

Your remaining balance gift card donation will continue to help feed and clothe children in need, provide shelter and assistance programs for the homeless, enhance programs and services for those with disabilities, as well as provide medication aide programs for children and the elderly. We also remain committed to our funding efforts to assist domestic violence victims in finding a safe place to live, and invest extensively in eliminating human trafficking.

What's new @


This year GiftCards4Change opened an online store where you can purchase gift cards that have been donated by our generous corporate sponsors (please be patient as we are just getting started). We also sell up-cycled merchandise made 100% from gift cards.

The best part is 100% of your purchase will be used for charitable purposes by GiftCards4Change to create change for those in need.

Please purchase one of our online gift cards today, and help be a gift for someone in need.

You can now donate to GiftCards4Change using PayPal's Giving fund. You can also add us to your favorite charities list on eBay.

Please click on the images below to find out more.

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