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Their Day Foundation 2017: Expanding awareness and resources for those with disabilities

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Please join us for our annual awareness event. This year, Their Day Foundation will hold its event in Corpus Christi, TX to benefit those with disabilities. Our goal is to expand awareness, services, resources, and community to help those with disabilities.

Their Day is open to the entire community so please come support a day of fun, food, entertainment, and critical resources needed for helping disabled children, veterans, the elderly, and their caregivers in Corpus Christi on May 21st, 2017 from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

All proceeds from this event will go directly towards enhancement and service projects for those with disabilities in the Corpus Christi area.

The Their Day Foundation is a community impact organization that seeks to help individuals access community programs, resources, and services in a fun, healthy, and creative way. We are focused on building thriving community impact programs across the USA. We believe when large groups of people come together as a community with a shared common purpose the impossible happens. Their Day Foundation knows that the best way to bring people & communities together is through fun, and inspiring events that are designed to serve the needs of the under served.

The Their Day Foundation was formed in partnership with community impact leader, Terry Mills and Our purpose is to bring awareness initiatives and support services together to solve some of the most consequential challenges. Our board of directors and coalition members deliberate annually to choose a number of specific community challenges, causes, organizations, and individuals that are in need, and we use our resources and partnerships to help facilitate meaningful and long-term change in a fun and inspiring way.

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