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Tell us about a Charitable Need / Challenge in your local community.

Hello everyone,

This is Andrew and I would like to issue a challenge for the nonprofit company I created ( In the next 60 days we will release a new way of giving back and getting involved in your community. The new software allows each and every one of you to create a charitable challenge, and we use the power of small balance gift cards to fund those challenges. It’s a platform completely powered by you. It’s the cause you care about, and a way to amplify your voice for what your community needs most.

OK, so the challenge is…

Think about your community…

What great cause, or need is just miles away from your home?

My challenge request is for you to go out and use your phone to film a 1 or 2 minute video telling us about a charitable need or problem in your community. Please describe the need as best you can, and let us know how we can help. That's it...

What charitable challenges are you aware of in your community?

What great cause or need did you find?

Create your video and send it to us at:

Thank You Andrew Ydoyaga Founder | Inc.

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