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The GiftCards4Change Charitable Challenge Model.

GiftCards4Change will be launching new software in July of 2016 that will allow registered users to add local charitable challenges in their community in which people can donate their unused remaining gift card balances. Think of our model as crowd funding meets a fully reviewed and approved system of charitable causes that people can donate to and get involved in. All within your specific community, and monetized mostly by the low balance gift cards you no longer have use for. Our objective is simple, we use what is commonly undervalued (the low balance gift card) to impact the lives of the underserved. Do you have a cause? Do you passionately care about giving something back? Have you recognized a need in your local community? Then our new platform will be the place for you. The future mission of GiftCards4Change technology platform is that "we support you". There is nothing more powerful than you, and the cause you are passionate about. Therefore, your cause is our cause. We are dedicated to becoming your platform for local (need based) humanitarian initiatives, and we believe that the needs of a community are most impacted by ordinary acts of kindness, and the extraordinary people who do them. Like you. So ask yourself... What would you change about the world around you?

Will you lead the charge with a purpose beyond yourself, knowing that the most powerful currency you have is how you will use your talents to impact others? Many people in life will be consumed by the concerns of themselves. The new car, the big house, but wealth or fame are not where you will find your true sense of purpose.

The world’s greatest tragedies are the ones we choose to ignore, and those small acts of humanity you take part in are the bigger picture of what it means to be you.

Helping others is as easy as creating a Charitable Challenge in your local community. Don’t just be a spectator of kindness and beauty. Be the reason for it.

You are your words.

You are your choices.

You make your reality.

You are the answer... to the questions you seek.

And it is only after you learn to step outside yourself

That you become more than just yourself.

You Become The Change…

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