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Why do we believe donating gift cards is the way to impact local communities?

Millions of Americans aren’t playing their cards right.

It’s a common misconception that when people think of a 6 dollar Macy's gift card (or any other gift card for that matter) that their mind attaches itself to its own desires, i.e., what can I purchase at Macy's for 6 dollars? That’s what most people think of. The two things wrong with thinking like that is 1) it forces you to think that the money on that gift card is only good at Macy's, and 2) is the idea that 6 dollars will not have an impact . However, if you step outside your own ideas of what is valuable, you will begin to understand the ways a 6 dollar Macy's gift card can feed and clothe children, or give shelter and food to the homeless, or help a domestic violence victim in your community. It is simply a matter of value and perspective. What if I told you that your 6 dollar remaining balance gift card could offer a night of food and shelter for up to 10 homeless people in your local community, or that your balance could provide medication aide to children and the elderly? It's true! This is what we do every day... collect donations of gift cards that are commonly undervalued to create positive changes in the lives of the underserved.

The 3 core principles in which GiftCards4Change operates under

  1. We facilitate change by monetizing the undervalued and putting it to work for the underserved.

  2. We believe in the power of charitable challenges, and the human potential for ordinary acts of kindness carried out by extraordinary people.

  3. We believe in a local community needs based donation model that reduces economic and administrative barriers, and applies maximum donation value directly to the people and programs working to help those in need.

​At GiftCards4Change, we identify and invest directly in the needs of the community and focus much less on the extensive cause based charity hubs the need may be subordinate to. We believe this model maximizes donor value and the charitable impact your small donations can create in the community.

Our Difference from the traditional model

We focus on the most impactful tier of the charitable donation model, because it is where the work is being done, and where the money is truly needed. The simple idea is that when you give your small gift card donation to a larger cause based organization you are creating time, administrative, and economic barriers, which delay action and diminish the value of what you have generously donated. The need based model is where the boots hit the ground, and it is where humanity, volunteerism, and real change is happening.

We have 3 Operating Business Models

  1. We are a 501(c) (3) that directly accepts donations for our community needs projects.

  2. We Co-Brand and monetize Gift Cards for other charitable based organizations.

  3. We operate a charitable challenge (Crowd funding) model for promoting the vast needs in hundreds of communities across the USA.

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